philosophyAdvertising is dynamic. No longer is it about how much space or air time you can buy to launch broad ads, now businesses must precisely target their audience with compelling content. Before remote controls, DVR’s and high speed internet, prospects had no choice but watch and listen to advertisements. Today, they fast forward through commercials and ignore banner ads. It’s almost like they have to be searching for your company for them to stop and listen. Force is no longer viable, you have to finesse your way to new business.

We understand the strategy behind precision advertising strikes. Our team of professionals use a small ball approach, we do not put everything in one idea hoping to hit a homerun. We launch several ad campaigns simultaneously and through our expert analytical skills we can quickly determine how much data is needed to create an effective sample size. From that sample of analytics we can then increase the expected value of the campaigns by either refining the ad, leaving it unchanged, or pulling it. The refining process is ongoing until the ads are optimal. This approach limits the variance of our clients’ returns, while still giving them a big upside.

We are so effective in our work, because we love what we do. We approach each client as a new challenge, and we do not get any satisfaction until that challenge is conquered.