Display advertising, is part of our paid search business strategy. The concept is to display your company’s advertisements to people who have already shown an interest in your business by previously visiting your site, visiting other sites within your industry, or doing searches for keywords relating to your products.

Each time a new visitor visits your site, the code on your website will drop a cookie into the visitor’s browser. This cookie then enables your ads to be shown to these visitors systematically once they leave your site. Called site retargeting, this strategy lets you reach potential customers when they are most likely to make a decision. Whether that be when they are doing follow up searches, or visiting competitors websites.

You gain a huge amount of control over who views your ad and when it is shown. From implementing a broad display advertising campaign showing your ad across millions of websites, to focusing on a narrow list of people who visited your site and added products to their shopping cart but did not buy, the amount of latitude site retargeting gives you is tremendous.

Our strategists know how to perfect a display advertising campaign, by first getting a good understanding of your services, products and goals, then continuously refining the campaign based on cumulative search data of your prospects.