While search optimization increases your company’s visibility by raising its page ranking for a search result, paid search increases your visibility by showing your company’s advertisements to targeted prospects who should be interested in your product.  An effective paid search strategy gets your advertisement viewed by the people most likely to buy  your product. Instead of carpet bombing a broad array of people with advertisements, people who might not have any interest in your company’s services, good paid search campaigns should get laser guide your advertisements to people with the highest probability of converting to clients.

paid-searchPaid search is an excellent way to get your brand instantly noticed, and reinforces an already flourishing website. The more a consumer sees your site in both in organic and paid search listings, the more likely he or she will become a client.

Our team of paid search strategist are experts at designing and precisely targeting your company’s ads.  Our proprietary software creates lists of the most pertinent keywords to your products. From these keywords and consultation with the clients,  compelling ads are created and targeted to a select audience. The audience can be as narrow as 18-24 year olds within a 5 mile radius from your business, or women chess players living in New York City. It is much more efficient to get your advertisement in front of 10 people who are interested in your service, opposed to a 1000 people who are not.

Like SEO, paid advertising is dynamic, and we refine our ads by constant data analysis. Our job is not complete until the most effective advertisements are being read by the people most likely to become customers.