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The most important thing about advertising is getting noticed. When speaking about digital advertising, where your company ranks on a search engine’s (Google, Bing, Yahoo) results page is key. When a person searches for your products or services relating to your business, the higher your company’s page ranking, the higher the probability you will gain that customer. The vast majority of people using search engines do not navigate past the first page. That’s great and all, so how do you get there?

Theoretically a search engines rank sites, best information first. But a team of qualified experts can not review every web page on the internet and rank accordingly. Instead search engines use programs which consider hundreds of objective variables, things like keywords (the actual search term) used within the context of your article, the title of your page, links from other websites to yours, and from those makes a reasonable ranking of the most pertinent web pages for any given search.

Our strategists can take your website’s content and structure, refine them, and optimize their values for these search algorithms. Our copy team are experts at creating fresh articles and editing your existing ones. This is all in an effort to pinpoint your prospective clientele while moving you up the search engine’s rankings. This is an ongoing process which is tracked by analyzing the data on how many more people are visiting your site, and what they are doing when they get there. At the end of the day we score ourselves on how many new clients you gain.

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